Being a good Dad means…

Dan volleyballTo me, being a good Dad means making it to all of my kid’s events, games, moments that they want or need me there. Last night I watch my son and his Volleyball team win an amazing game!



My Brother’s Keeper to Host Annual Gratitude Mass

After spending nearly three decades in real estate management, Martin Raffol now focuses his efforts on helping business owners prepare their organizations for sale. As an area director and business broker for Murphy Business and Financial Corporation in Natick, Massachusetts, Martin Raffol performs business valuations and works with business owners to help increase the value of their operations. When not working, Martin Raffol volunteers his time to charitable and community organizations such as the Natick Service Council and My Brother’s Keeper.

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK), a Christian-based organization that delivers food and furniture to individuals in need, is preparing to host its 23rd Annual Gratitude Mass on Nov. 28, 2013. Held each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the Gratitude Mass serves as the organization’s annual kickoff to the Christmas season. At the Mass, MBK asks each family to donate a gift for an underprivileged child. All gifts are presented during the liturgy by the children in attendance at the Mass.

Founded in 1988, MBK has made more than 95,000 deliveries to date to individuals and families in need in the state of Massachusetts. With two locations in Dartmouth and Easton, Massachusetts, what began as a husband and wife team operating from the basement of their home has blossomed into an organization comprised of nine full-time employees and more than 3,000 volunteers who are dedicated to providing assistance to the underserved in the community.

Martin Raffol – Least Understood Baseball Rules

Leveraging the education he received in business management at Northeastern University in Boston, Martin Raffol currently serves as an area director and business broker for Natick, Massachusetts-based Murphy Business and Financial Corporation. In this position, Martin Raffol is responsible for helping business owners increase the value of their organizations and position them for sale. In his spare time, the former baseball player for the men’s varsity team at Northeastern continues to enjoy playing America’s favorite pastime.

Below are a few of the least understood rules found in baseball.

Balk – A balk is an illegal movement made by the pitcher when there are runners on base. This movement disrupts the pitching motion and is made with the purpose of catching a runner off base. When a balk is committed, all base runners can advance to the next base.

Ground rule double – A ground rule double is called when a batter hits a ball into the outfield that bounces into the stands in fair territory, making it impossible for the outfielder to make a play on the ball. When a ground rule double is called, the batter automatically proceeds to second base.

Infield fly rule – An umpire can call a batter out on an infield fly rule when a fly ball can be caught in fair play by an infielder; runners occupy first and second base or the bases are loaded; and there is only one out in the inning.

Martin Raffol – My Brother’s Keeper Annual Family Walk

Martin Raffol recently served as an area director and business broker with Murphy Business & Financial Corporation in Natick, Massachusetts. Previously, he was the executive vice president of a national real estate management company. Alongside his career, Martin Raffol has contributed to the local community by working with the Natick Service Council and My Brother’s Keeper, a nonprofit Christian organization.

On June 15, 2013, My Brother’s Keeper held its fourth annual Family Walk. The event drew families and friends from across the region for a three-mile walk around Stonehill College and the neighboring conservation land known as the Sheep Pasture. Following a 20-minute prayer service, the walk began, lasting for a little over an hour. The event concluded with a community lunch and family activities.

Those who participated in the walk had the opportunity to meet other supporters of My Brother’s Keeper and to raise funds for programs that benefit adults and children across Massachusetts. The organization’s mission includes providing local families with furniture and food.

Martin Raffol: Villari’s Martial Arts

Martin Raffol is a business administrator and broker who most recently served as an area director with Natick, Massachusetts’ Murphy Business & Financial Corporation. Outside of the office, he studies martial arts at Villari’s Martial Arts Studio. After years of practice and instruction, Mr. Raffol ultimately achieved the level of Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate.

Founded in 1968 by Grandmaster Frederick J. Villari, Villari’s Martial Arts Studio currently supports multiple centers in 14 U.S. states. The various studios offer classes for children, teens, and adults, including women-only classes at some locations.

More than 1000 years old, Shaolin Kung Fu has evolved into the popular and effective Shaolin Kempo style, which combines the four ways of fighting common to all martial arts: striking, kicking, felling, and grappling. Under Mr. Villari’s direction, Villari’s Martial Arts Studio uses techniques that combine these Four Ways of Fighting into a single cohesive whole. This comprehensive approach stresses self-defense and physical fitness while simultaneously building a framework of psychological and emotional stability.

Martin Raffol: Exploring the Benefits of a Franchise System

One of the main benefits of the franchise system is that an established brand identity and market presence is already in place for the business. This enables capable managers to easily generate a steady revenue flow through existing sales channels. In addition, new franchise owners receive extensive training and management support from area leaders. With well-established success formulas set out, more than 95 percent of franchise operations move beyond their five-year threshold as thriving enterprises.

Another benefit of the franchise system is that owners’ royalties go directly towards marketing, customer support, management, and advertising budgets that would be extremely expensive to build from scratch. While there is no guaranteed amount that franchisers make, they do have the opportunity to contact other franchise operations and ask hard questions about real world results that they have achieved, as well as specific challenges faced.

About the Author: As Business Broker and Area Director with Murphy Business & Financial Corporation, Martin Raffol performs business valuations and assists owners in increasing value and positioning companies for the sale process. His firm notably operates as a franchise operation that offers entrepreneurs expansion opportunities.