Martin Raffol – Least Understood Baseball Rules

Leveraging the education he received in business management at Northeastern University in Boston, Martin Raffol currently serves as an area director and business broker for Natick, Massachusetts-based Murphy Business and Financial Corporation. In this position, Martin Raffol is responsible for helping business owners increase the value of their organizations and position them for sale. In his spare time, the former baseball player for the men’s varsity team at Northeastern continues to enjoy playing America’s favorite pastime.

Below are a few of the least understood rules found in baseball.

Balk – A balk is an illegal movement made by the pitcher when there are runners on base. This movement disrupts the pitching motion and is made with the purpose of catching a runner off base. When a balk is committed, all base runners can advance to the next base.

Ground rule double – A ground rule double is called when a batter hits a ball into the outfield that bounces into the stands in fair territory, making it impossible for the outfielder to make a play on the ball. When a ground rule double is called, the batter automatically proceeds to second base.

Infield fly rule – An umpire can call a batter out on an infield fly rule when a fly ball can be caught in fair play by an infielder; runners occupy first and second base or the bases are loaded; and there is only one out in the inning.


Martin Raffol – My Brother’s Keeper Annual Family Walk

Martin Raffol recently served as an area director and business broker with Murphy Business & Financial Corporation in Natick, Massachusetts. Previously, he was the executive vice president of a national real estate management company. Alongside his career, Martin Raffol has contributed to the local community by working with the Natick Service Council and My Brother’s Keeper, a nonprofit Christian organization.

On June 15, 2013, My Brother’s Keeper held its fourth annual Family Walk. The event drew families and friends from across the region for a three-mile walk around Stonehill College and the neighboring conservation land known as the Sheep Pasture. Following a 20-minute prayer service, the walk began, lasting for a little over an hour. The event concluded with a community lunch and family activities.

Those who participated in the walk had the opportunity to meet other supporters of My Brother’s Keeper and to raise funds for programs that benefit adults and children across Massachusetts. The organization’s mission includes providing local families with furniture and food.

Martin Raffol: Villari’s Martial Arts

Martin Raffol is a business administrator and broker who most recently served as an area director with Natick, Massachusetts’ Murphy Business & Financial Corporation. Outside of the office, he studies martial arts at Villari’s Martial Arts Studio. After years of practice and instruction, Mr. Raffol ultimately achieved the level of Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate.

Founded in 1968 by Grandmaster Frederick J. Villari, Villari’s Martial Arts Studio currently supports multiple centers in 14 U.S. states. The various studios offer classes for children, teens, and adults, including women-only classes at some locations.

More than 1000 years old, Shaolin Kung Fu has evolved into the popular and effective Shaolin Kempo style, which combines the four ways of fighting common to all martial arts: striking, kicking, felling, and grappling. Under Mr. Villari’s direction, Villari’s Martial Arts Studio uses techniques that combine these Four Ways of Fighting into a single cohesive whole. This comprehensive approach stresses self-defense and physical fitness while simultaneously building a framework of psychological and emotional stability.

A Look at Murphy Business & Financial Corporation, by Martin Raffol

Based in Clearwater, Florida, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation maintains a presence in the United States and Canada. As one of North America’s biggest business brokerage firms, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation offers numerous services to business owners and potential buyers. Skilled in mergers and acquisitions, the firm’s brokers conduct business valuations and sell companies in industries ranging from auto supplies and daycare to dry cleaning and golf.

Visitors to the website can find out more about the firm’s offerings. The site contains a detailed explanation about why people should consider buying a business franchise or investing in commercial real estate. Additionally, they can learn how to acquire their own Murphy Business & Financial Corporation franchise, an opportunity that has received positive marks from Entrepreneur magazine and Franchise Business Review.

About the Author:

Based out of Natick, Massachusetts, Martin Raffol serves Murphy Business & Financial Corporation as Area Director and Business Broker. In this position, Raffol conducts business valuations and assists business owners who are interested in selling their firms.