About Martin Raffol

Martin Raffol has over 20 years of experience in the business community in and around the Boston area. After graduating from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Raffol began to work with a national real estate management company. There he expanded upon his knowledge and eventually became an executive with the company, in charge of a number of different divisions including Marketing and Human Resources. Raffol was able to consistently bring in new business through direct marketing to clients.

Martin Raffol currently works as an Area Director and Business Broker for the Murphy Business and Financial Corporation, a company that manages the sales of businesses and franchises with offices across the country and Canada. With Murphy, Raffol works to negotiate mergers and acquisitions for his clients. He seeks to enhance the company’s revenue profile to deliver the highest prices for his client’s business. Raffol’s role as an intermediary in such deals can also help to smooth the transition from one owner to another not only for the employees and relevant suppliers, but also for the business as a whole.

When not evaluating companies or coordinating acquisitions for his clients, Martin Raffol spends much of his time volunteering in his community. One of the organizations that Raffol supports is the Natick Service Council. The group serves as an advocate and support network for disadvantaged individuals, locating food sources, health care, and housing while they find a way for themselves to again be self-sufficient.

Martin Raffol still enjoys playing baseball and holds a first-degree black belt in karate from Fred Villari’s Studios.


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